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Lucky 13 Sandwich is all about simplifying quality and making it available to everyone, while adding the reliability & convenience of 24 hour operation 365 days a year, with online ordering & free delivery in the local areas.

Our goal is to create an original and more interesting alternative to the current fast food market, which is dominating the industry due to mass production with little focus on quality and a major focus on keeping the costs low. We disagree with the opinion of food being valued by its price tag and not by what you are actually getting served.

When eating at Lucky 13 Sandwich, you are getting home made food, daily delivered from our continuously developing central kitchen. Our bread is made with decades old recipes from Italian, German and Danish imported flour, our pastrami, falafel, chicken mayo, BBQ pork, burger patties & meatballs is all made by us, using real unindustrialized methods and without a single trace of chemicals. All dressings are made on a daily basis from the chili sauce, BBQ sauce, curry dressing, mustard sauce, wasabi sauce, cheese sauce, caesar dressing, all the way to the mayonnaise, remoulade, peri peri and rum relish, nothing is good enough unless we make it ourselves!

We hope you can recognize the time and effort we are putting into each and every sandwich and we hope that you will also see why we are much more than just a sandwich shop

We are eager to listen to everyone's opinion in order to constantly improve, please use the review card that you will be receiving along with your bill or send us a mail at info@lucky13sandwich.com

Daniel Baven - Managing Director

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